Common Causes of Summer Headaches in Seniors

Common Causes of Summer Headaches in Seniors

When the sun bakes and everything is in bloom, you may find yourself suffering from one of the unexpected side effects of the warmest season.

Summer is the time of year when you think you will feel best. Warm weather, sun and long days are quite conducive to well-being. However, often the fact that you relax more in the summer means that the stresses and tensions that have accumulated during the winter finally crawl out and send you familiar signals.

Causes of summer headaches in the elderly:

Summer headaches have a number of causes, with some differences in symptoms that you will feel. And the treatment you take will be most effective if you take care to relate it to the exact cause. If during the summer you often have a headache, try to focus on situations in which this happens most often. Also, keep a diary of the time, places and symptoms that you experience.

Types of Headaches in Seniors:

Some types of summer headaches have easily identifiable symptoms. If you have a runny nose and eyes are irritated, it is possible that you have a cold or you are sensitive to plant pollen. If you have sore eyes and headache after sun exposure, you may need powerful sunglasses to protect your eyes from excessive exposure to the sun. If your headaches are frequent or intense, you should seek medical advice to rule out any serious causes, but if they are mild or mild, you can manage them yourself with herbal teas, tinctures, and baths.Pay attention to the details of the headaches from which you suffer as you may need to change something in your lifestyle in order to completely get rid of the problem.

Seasonal herbs:

Lush plant growth in the summer means reliable help right at your fingertips. Dried herbs are very effective, but fresh herbs accumulate the most powerful energy and vitality, and they can also be grown right on hand, in your garden or on a windowsill. Supplement your medicines with a natural tonic, such as rosemary, or a relaxant, such as lavender, to make them more effective. Headaches deplete energy and prevent the elderly from enjoying the best moments of their life, but herbs can safely save them. Seniors can keep their body in good shape with refreshing summer drinks full of the healing power of herbs. About Supplemental Health Policy: Seniors above 65 should use 2020 Best Medicare Supplement Plans by to cover copay.